The Mermaid

Welcome from Catalina!

Since 1952, I've appeared on Chicken of the Sea's packages, bringing ocean fresh goodness to people everywhere.


Look How I've Changed!

I may have looked a little different back then — but I started telling people how delicious Chicken of the Sea was over 60 years ago — and look at me today!

A little about me...

My Mer-Profile

My Name
Catalina. My name was given to me as a result of a nationwide contest with nearly 50,000 entries held during our Centennial celebration in 2014.

Favorite Color
Blue! How could a Mer-girl raised in the ocean not love the deep blue sea?!

if you were stuck on a deserted island, what would you bring?
My shell phone to call my Mer-friends!

On a Friday night, I am
Hanging out with my Mer-friends making delicious food.

Favorite Seafood
Well, anything from Chicken of the Sea of course!

Listen to My Favorite Song

The Classic Chicken of the Sea Jingle (early 1960s)

The Clint Black version (May 2012)

Look through my photos!

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I love these recipes! Yum!