Committed to Our Oceans

Chicken of the Sea and its parent company, Thai Union, is fully committed to the protection of the marine environment and to responsible sourcing; indeed, the future success of our business is inextricably linked to the health of the ocean and an ongoing and plentiful supply of fish. Therefore, we welcome all efforts to drive change and improve sustainability through global tuna supply chains, from catch to point of sale.

We recognize the reach and reputation of Chicken of the Sea allows us to lead the industry in effecting real change that will minimize bycatch, protect stock levels, preserve oceans, improve working conditions and ensure safe and legal practices throughout every fishing operation in the world. We have already made considerable progress towards achieving these within our own operations.

In addition to complying with every national and international law, Chicken of the Sea has policies in place that strictly prohibit the purposeful capture of sharks and the abhorrent practice of shark-finning. Chicken of the Sea is also one of the founding members of International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) and is committed to driving Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing practices out of the industry. We’ve also recently introduced a new Business Ethics and Labor Code of Conduct with higher level of accountability and transparency throughout its supply chain. Through this code is focused on ensuring workers throughout the supply chain are treated with respect and their human rights are protected.

For us, improving the sustainability and ethics of our operations is an ongoing process – we are not content to stand still and are investing significantly in trials of new and innovative processes to identify further improvements that can be made throughout our operations. We hope that by working closely with ISSF, our investment and innovation will benefit the wider tuna fishing industry.

Our vision is for an industry that respects the oceans and protects marine life, offers safe employment for millions of people around the world, supports the development of coastal communities and continues to provide a safe, affordable and healthy food source for a global population well into the future.