A Fish Called Chicken? WHAAATT??

Whaddya mean "Is it chicken?” It’s tuna, people!

And salmon, and sardines, and crab, and mackerel, and shrimp, and oysters, Basically, it’s the Best of the Sea.

Our fish story goes waaaay back:

How A Fish Called Chicken Came to Be.

The Fish Called Chicken:

A tale of a fateful trip. (No really, true story.)

A century and some years ago, a crew of longtime fishermen set out to satisfy the public's growing appeal for the sea's rich bounty. On their far-reaching voyages for many a new catch, they favored one exceptional fish: White Albacore. Elated by its lightness, texture and deliciously mild taste, this spirited and adventurous bunch gave the fish an equally adventurous nickname, "Chicken."

Today, with a beautiful mermaid on its label, and the certified seal of quality seafood that is sustainably caught, the fish called chicken is loved by modern adventurers everywhere, and fondly known as Chicken of the Sea.

A Seafood Can Tracker? Oh no, they didn’t!

Just Flip and Trace.

Chicken of the Sea is so supportive of the ocean’s valuable natural resources, you can even trace where your tuna's from—and find out who caught it, when and how. You can trace its course from ocean to plate, and trust that we're 100% behind keeping our beautiful oceans abounding with the best of the sea.

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A stroke of culinary genius:

Swap tuna for chicken in your favorite “formerly chicken” meals.

Taste buds, party on! A great way to get the American Dietary Guidelines-recommended 2-3 servings of fish and seafood a week is by switching up chicken for Chicken of the Sea!

Plus, you’ll find hundreds of fresh and exciting new ways to enjoy delicious, nutritious Chicken of the Sea, right here on our website.

Try these great new recipes.

Made with the fish
you love—A Fish called Chicken.

Oh, that looks gooood. Can I get the recipe?

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