September 12, 2019

3 Strategies for Lunch Service Profits

3 Strategies for Lunch Service Profits

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Want to attract the weekday lunch crowd? You’ll have to compete for their valuable time! 

The NPD Group reported that American consumers purchased lunch 14.5% less often in 2018 than they did in 2008. As the traditional lunch hour gives way to shorter lunch breaks, American workers are looking for fast and convenient lunch options. 

Position your foodservice operation for lunchtime revenue growth by implementing three strategies to attract the on-the-go work crowd.

1.   Offer Grab ‘n’ Go Menu Items

 Since 2011, the purchase of ready-to-eat packaged foods has increased by 8.4% in the United States. Encourage the workday lunch crowd to visit your foodservice operation by setting aside space for easy-prep grab ‘n’ go menu items

Prominently placing grab ‘n’ go items expedites customer interactions and attracts customers on shorter lunch breaks. Point-of-sale displays can be incorporated into your setup to help customers make quick decisions. 

2.   Build-Your-Own Bar

Salads, sandwiches, and protein bowls are great options that appeal to grab ‘n’ go customers who want to customize their meal. Build-your-own bars are popular with lunch customers because they offer highly customizable meal options with quick service benefits.

Your foodservice operation can increase its lunch service revenues from build-your-own bars by making small, prepackaged products available for additional purchase. Seafood pouches are great protein-packed add-ons that appeal to health-conscious consumers. Not only do add-on products boost your bottom-line, but they also offer more choice and convenience to customers.

3.   Think Strategically About Prep Times

Is a grab ‘n’ go counter or build-your-own bar not in the cards for your foodservice operation? You can still attract the time-crunched workday lunch crowd by strategically planning your menu and prep times.

56% of American workers take lunch breaks of 30 minutes or less. Consider crafting a menu that features items with short prep times, and forgoes labor-intensive, made-to-order dishes. 

Need recipe ideas for quick service? Check out some of our favorite seafood lunch recipes designed for foodservice operations. 

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