March 11, 2019

Embrace Protein to Meet Consumer Demand

Embrace Protein to Meet Consumer Demand

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Catch diners’ attention with fresh, healthful protein options! More Americans than ever before (25%) blame carbohydrates for weight gain. But only 3% blame protein. In fact, Americans believe eating protein addresses their health concerns.

Protein for all demographics
Appeal to all demographics with healthful protein options on your menu. About 85% of U.S. consumers eat meat, fish, and dairy as protein sources, reports Technomic. 

Older adults, in particular, may struggle to get the protein they need to maintain optimal health. One in three adults over age 50 doesn’t eat the amount of protein they need, according to an International Food Information Council report.

Seafood as healthful protein
About 2 out of 3 Americans consume seafood, according to Technomic—far outranking choices for vegetarian or vegan fare. Seafood also enjoys a special place among health-conscious consumers; 40% of consumers consider seafood to be more healthy than meats.

Seasonal seafood applications
Embrace protein on your menu even during no-meat holidays like Lent, which 26% of your customers observe, according to Datassential. Refresh your Lent menu offerings with these fish-first recipes for your foodservice operation: Tuna BurgerSalmon Duchess Potato Bites, or Grab’n’Go Tuna Pouches.


Tuna Burger


 Salmon Duchess Potato Bites


Grab’n’Go Tuna Pouches

Take the free CE course, Protein on the Menu, to identify consumer demand for protein in the diet and apply protein-based culinary concepts to your menu offerings.

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