September 14, 2020

Meat Shortages? Try the Seafood Solution.

Meat Shortages? Try the Seafood Solution.

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At least three out of five foodservice operators have been struggling with the shortage of meat for the menu, according to Technomic (2020). A wave of closures among meat processing plants due to employee illness, along with border closings that restrict movement of workers, have led to serious supply chain disruptions, according to Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI).

Sustainable supply chain

According to FCSI, “Product shortages during the COVID crisis have emphasized the importance of protecting the supply chain.” As all eyes are on how to revamp a complex foodservice supply chain system, operators are concerned about ensuring reliable supply chains for the future.

Foodservice menu drivers

So it’s back to the cornerstone of foodservice systems control: the menu. A host of factors come into play:

  • Touch-free foodservice, in which patrons can serve themselves. An example is the micromart concept (see Micromarts: Big Potential.)
  • Adaptability to take-out, curbside, and delivery services
  • Upsizing take-out with family meal concepts
  • Meal kits and DIY options
  • Selling packaged specialties, like sauces, soups, and baked goods
  • Streamlined labor and prep workflows for economical operation

The seafood solution

With meat in short supply and service models changing, foodservice operators began re-tooling menus aggressively last spring. Increasing numbers of foodservice operators have been turning to shelf-stable stand-by options like salmon and tuna packaged in pouches. 

The seafood solution ensures availability of high-protein ingredients for your foodservice menu. At Chicken of the Sea, supplies are strong. In your operation, you can maintain a right-sized, reliable inventory without the expenses of refrigeration or the lead-time of thawing frozen meat.  

Your ability to meet dynamic menu demand is scalable—just open pouches as you need them. Available in easy-open, no-drain pouches, salmon is the superstar of labor-saving convenience for your foodservice kitchen. It’s immune from meat shortages, so you can count on reliable inventory. Explore pouch tuna and pouch salmon products for your foodservice menu.

Comfort food, too

Seafood enjoys a compelling health halo— 4 out of 10 consumers believe salmon is a healthier choice than meat, according to Technomic. What’s more, menu classics deliver comfort at a time when it’s highly welcome among consumers.  Pandemic lifestyles have left consumers seeking more comfort, according to the Wall Street Journal (4/24/20).  Your customers will thank you for Mom’s favorite tuna noodle casserolehealthy salmon loafsalmon mac & cheese, and other menu classics. For recipe inspiration, visit the Chicken of the Sea foodservice recipe collection

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