August 22, 2017

Speed-Scratch with Seafood

Speed-Scratch with Seafood

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If you are looking to increase your menu versatility with healthful options, speed-scratch food prep could be your solution, and Chicken of the Sea seafood pouches can help make it happen.

Hallmarks of a speed-scratch recipe are:

  • It combines convenience products with fresh ingredients
  • It’s fast and easy, with a low labor demand
  • It adapts to one-off ordering, such as cook-to-order or room service
  • It allows you to do some tantalizing plate presentations.

Seafood pouches at the core

In foodservice, speed-scratch food preparation often builds on a few simple inventory ingredients. Seafood pouches such as Chicken of the Sea Pink Salmon, boneless and skinless pouch or Premium White Albacore Tuna pouch are great examples. These shelf-stable pouches are the ultimate in convenience—no draining required. Just open a pouch and add it to your recipe.

Speed-scratch salmon recipes

Try the Salmon Sandwich Sticks recipe, where grilled cheese meets French toast. Starting with a salmon pouch, you can just add fresh bread, cheese, and eggs to whip up a comfort-food entrée for any time of day, with 24g protein per serving. This recipe also works well for finger foods diets in healthcare and is great for kids.

The two-ingredient Salmon Salsa recipe couldn’t be easier. Watch the video! Compared with ordinary salsa, this recipe packs in protein and healthful omega-3s. Salmon is a convenient topping for any fresh salad, such as this recipe for Spinach Strawberry Salmon Salad.

Speed-scratch tuna recipes

The Chef’s Tuna Salad recipe is another favorite that adapts perfectly to seafood in a pouch and quick, fresh prep. Or try the Tuna Horseradish Sandwich recipe for some extra excitement in a made-to-order tuna salad sandwich. For a healthful twist on burgers, the Tuna Burger recipe made with albacore tuna is easy to downsize and make on demand with albacore tuna pouches.

Many foodservice operators choose speed-scratch to balance personalized customer service with a cost-efficient budget, while keeping a lean food inventory. An extra benefit with building your speed-scratch menu around salmon and tuna pouches is you can offer healthful fast foods that consumers will appreciate. Show your love, save some time, and ride the wellness wave!

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