Accept the Challenge to Live Large

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Accept the Challenge to Live Large

Now that spring has arrived, it’s the perfect time to recommit to those January resolutions—or start thinking even bigger. Take advantage of all that spring energy to really live large. We’ve got some ideas to get your juices flowing, whether you’re making changes in the kitchen, rethinking your everyday routine, or taking on a really big goal.

Spice Up Mealtime with New Flavors and Old Friends

Big changes in the kitchen can help you get more out of life, whether you’re trying to be healthier, more creative, or just have more fun:

  • Explore new worlds. Trying to make better food choices? Find delicious inspiration in the healthy Mediterranean diet, featuring seafood, vegetables, and healthy fats like olive oil. Get started with Mediterranean Salmon Pasta or Greek Crab Salad.
  • Start your own breakfast club. Social relationships are a key factor in health and happiness. Commit to seeing more of the people you love by making a date to cook a weekly brunch or dinner together. Go as fancy or as simple as you like—it’s all about nourishing your most important relationships.

Break Out of Your Everyday Routine

Shaking up your daily routine is a great way to break out of autopilot mode…and bring more mindfulness and delight to every day:

  • Make time to be creative. Whether you’re making collages, taking a pottery class, writing poems or learning how to play the guitar, creative pursuits are the opposite of routine—and studies show that they can be beneficial to health and make us feel better, too.
  • Treat yourself to some novelty. Break out of a “same-old” routine (and stimulate your brain) by playing tourist in your own city, taking a different route home from work, shopping in a new supermarket, or taking a long walk in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Set a Challenging Goal and Change Your Life

As Lao Tzu famously said, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Why not make this the year that you accomplish that really big goal?

  • Tackle a physical challenge. Have you always thought you’d like to run a marathon, climb a mountain, or learn how to do a yoga headstand? Start planning today how you’ll get there…and begin training to do it.
  • Learn something new. If you’ve dreamed of changing professions or living in another country, your local community college can help you take the first steps on your new path—check out what job certificate programs and language classes are available in your area.

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