100 Years of Great Taste, Quality and Variety

About Us

A Century Ago

Little did fishermen know when naming albacore the “Chicken of the Sea” that it would endure as a beloved brand 100 years later. Today the Chicken of the Sea name and our iconic Mermaid continue to stand for the highest integrity in canned seafood.

Our (Alba)Core Values

Chicken of the Sea was built on three important values -- health, nutrition and convenience. We’ve consistently brought America and the world the freshest and best-tasting canned seafood products. We’re also committed to serving communities and doing good. One hundred years strong and we’re just getting started.

Protecting the Oceans

Offering our customers the highest-quality seafood means nothing if we don’t perform as good stewards to the waters it comes from. Chicken of the Sea has been committed to both preserving seafood sustainability and protecting dolphins for generations -- a promise we pledge to keep for many more.

Our History

Van Camp Seafood Opens for Business

Before we were Chicken of the Sea, we started as a fish canning company in California

Tuna Feeds the Home Front

With WWI raging overseas, canned tuna supplements domestic food shortages as an affordable protein source

An Iconic Brand Is Born

Chicken of the Sea branding appears for the first time. The moniker comes from fishermen who dubbed white albacore as “the chicken of the sea” for its mild flavor and color

WWII: Supporting the War Effort

Van Camp converts much of its fishing fleet to transport military gear, ammunition and wounded soldiers

Meet the Mermaid

Grace Lee Whitney, from the original Star Trek series, was the inspiration for our spirited blonde character

The First Disney Mermaid

As sponsors of Disneyland’s Fantasyland pirate ship and restaurant, Chicken of the Sea welcomes guests with a six foot mermaid

America Is Hooked on Our Catchy Jingle

Now part of advertising history, the familiar “Ask Any Mermaid You Happen to See, What’s the Best Tuna? Chicken of the Sea!” is debuted

Dolphin Safety First

An industry pioneer in dolphin safe fishing practices, we initiated “The Mermaid Cares: Dolphin Safe Policy” requiring all of our seafood to be dolphin safe

Leaders in Innovation

Chicken of the Sea revolutionizes convenience and portion control with Ready-to-Eat Foil Pouches and To-Go Cups

Addressing Hunger in America

Partnering with Feeding America, we embark on a food relief and nutrition campaign highlighting shelf stable seafood as a nutritious and affordable source of protein

Our Commitment to Sustainability

As a co-founder of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation and in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, we are dedicated to maintaining long-term seafood health for future generations

Creating New Jobs for Americans

Our state-of-the-art canning facility in Lyons, Georgia creates over 300 jobs--benefitting the local economy

Responsible Sustainability

This first annual Sustainability Report shares our environmental and social impacts while developing a roadmap for future sustainability initiatives

Celebrating 100 Years of Good

In a landmark centennial celebration, we donated $1 million to 100 nonprofits, charitable organizations and civic-minded people focused on doing good

The Mermaid Gets a Name

Our iconic mermaid has appeared on packages since 1952, it was only this year that we gave her a name. Fans submitted 50,000 ideas in a nationwide contest, and she was named Catalina

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