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Our oceans hold transformative solutions – but only if we actively serve their power to support people and the planet.

For Our People

Our efforts to restore communities center on protecting the safety, dignity, and well being of the people in our ecosystem.

Human & Labor Rights

We work to ensure fair wages and benefits for the workers in our ecosystem, as well as safe and healthy working conditions.

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Health & Wellness

We’re advancing a healthier world through initiatives that deliver critical resources to those most in need.

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For our Planet

We’re expanding our efforts to restore and preserve ocean, land, plant, and animal resources to protect our natural ecosystems.

Climate Action

Our responsible sourcing strategies are designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and safeguard against climate change.

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We’re committed to designing and operating systems that minimize waste.

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Our systems and sourcing practices are designed to safeguard marine life and biodiverse ecosystems.

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Trace your seafood

Knowing where your food comes from is important for both a healthy diet and a healthy planet. Want to know exactly where your seafood was caught? Use this fun tool to trace your product from vessel to store.

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Awards &

Listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for 10 consecutive years, 2023

#1 on the Seafood Stewardship Index, 2023

Sustainability Disclosure Award from Thaipat Institute, 2021

Sustainability Report

Our annual Sustainability Report tracks and publicly reports on our environmental and social impacts. Read our latest report to get detailed information on our sustainability management systems, our key initiatives and our performance for the year.

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