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Why is Salmon So Popular?

There's no denying that salmon is truly exceptional. So what makes this delicious fish unique? To break it down, we’ll have to get a little scientific.

Oily fish are extra delicious (and extra healthy)

As a general rule, oily fish are oily because they live in very cold water. For example, salmon are native to the North Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and the rivers that feed into them, all of which are freezing cold, even in summer. Extra fat protects oily fish from frigid temperatures so they don’t freeze to death. It also happens to make them extra flavorful and nutritious.

Salmon is also one of the few foods that naturally contain Vitamin D, which your body needs to maintain a healthy immune system and absorb calcium for strong bones. Getting enough Vitamin D can be a challenge, especially in the winter when the days are shorter and darker. Eating salmon can help: Just one serving of Chicken of the Sea Pink Salmon, Traditional Style contains a whopping 90% of the daily recommended Vitamin D intake for adults.

Salmon live in fresh and saltwater

Salmon are what’s known as anadromous fish, which is the technical term for something you probably already know: These fish lay their eggs in freshwater, then migrate back to the ocean to reproduce. (Catadromous fish, like eels, do it the other way around.) Basically, salmon’s habitat includes both fresh and saltwater, and they’ve adapted to survive in both. Most fish can’t do that: Their cells are used to a certain amount of salt in the water, and they just can’t function outside the normal range.

Salmon may not be the only fish that can handle a wide range of salt levels, but they’re certainly the only popular oily fish that can. Maybe that’s why the flavor and texture of salmon is totally different from other types of fish.

Try salmon in cans or pouches

Chicken of the Sea offers a wide variety of delicious wild-caught salmon products. Our canned pink or red salmon are perfect for adding to your favorite recipes, and our convenient pouches fit right into an on-the-go lifestyle. Try them on a salad for an extra dose of protein, omega-3s, and Vitamin D!

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