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12 Ways to Packet Up This Summer

Summer weather has a way of bringing out the adventurer in all of us. Think of our tuna and salmon packets as sidekicks for all your summer escapades. With flavors ranging from creamy dill tuna to smoky maple salmon, there’s a taste for every adventure.

Summer weather has a way of bringing out the adventurer in all of us. Even those who loved spending the winter curled up with books and movies can feel a bit of cabin fever when summer hits. And it’s not hard to see why: Hiking, camping, cycling, swimming, and spectating are way more fun in the sun.

Think of our tuna and salmon packets as sidekicks for all your summer escapades. Each super-portable packet provides lean protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and of course, a generous helping of on-the-go Yum. With flavors ranging from creamy dill tuna to smoky maple salmon, there’s a taste for every adventure.

1. Beach sandwiches

No one would argue the fact that sandwiches taste best on the beach. Building sand castles and playing in the surf really work up an appetite—or maybe there’s just something special about pulling a paper-wrapped sandwich out of the cooler on a hot day and digging in. Whatever the case, we think some Tuna Croissant Sandwiches made with our perfectly seasoned Dill Tuna Salad packets are an ideal addition to your beach cooler this summer. Just add some chips and ice-cold drinks for the ultimate beach sandwich experience.  

2. Adventure fuel

There’s no better time to bask in nature than summer, when the flowers are in full bloom and golden hour lighting hits its peak—and there’s no substitute for getting out there to see it for yourself. Set out on a long hike or bike ride and treat yourself to fresh air and spectacular views; or, if you’re craving a real getaway, plan a backpacking trip in the location of your dreams. No matter how you get out into nature this summer, our tuna and salmon packets have your back. 

3. Tailgate sliders

Spectator sports are way more fun when it’s sunny and warm, and obviously, so is tailgating. While it’s not exactly impossible to light up a grill in the rain, clear blue skies are much more conducive to getting the party started in style. As far as the menu goes, we suggest some sweet-and-smoky salmon sliders? These small but mighty sandwiches are packed with rich, smoky flavor, thanks to our Maple Smokehouse Salmon. (Pro tip: Assemble the sliders in an aluminum pan, then put the whole thing on the grill for a few minutes to heat up. They’ll get an extra kiss of smokiness, which is always a good thing.)

4. High protein, post-gym snack

Hitting the gym in the summer can be a humbling experience. Those higher temperatures will have you sweating like there’s no tomorrow, which makes proper recovery even more important than usual. After a big workout, you need a high-protein snack to refuel your body and replenish your tired muscles. This protein-packed snack plate has everything your body needs to recover: Protein, of course, but also healthy fats and just enough carbs. Add a sports drink for some electrolytes and extra hydration and you’ll be ready for action again in no time.

5. A spontaneous picnic

A beautiful summer day calls for a picnic. Our recommendation: Don’t start with a destination in mind. Hop in the car, roll the windows down, and go on a mission for the perfect spot with a spectacular view. City dwellers might seek out a new corner of a favorite park; if you’re near the coast, claim a quiet spot on the sand. For all the locations in between, a scenic, quiet roadside pullout is perfect. Don’t overthink the menu, either: Cheese and charcuterie platters are easy to assemble and make ideal picnic blanket fare. For a fun twist on the classic format, try a “seacuterie” board with our Lemon Garlic Tuna and fresh seasonal produce.

6. Lawn seat snacks

For music lovers, summertime is synonymous with outdoor concert season. Listening to your favorite artist from the comfort of a blanket on the lawn is an elite concert-going experience: Outdoor concerts are also an unmissable picnicking opportunity (if the venue allows outside food, of course). A colorful grain bowl made with seasonal veggies will taste even better after marinating for a few hours in the cooler; add a packet of your favorite tuna or salmon just before digging in to boost the yum factor.

7. Road trip sustenance

Seasoned road trippers know that it’s all fun and games until someone gets hungry. Even if your family somehow isn’t prone to hunger-induced crankiness (please let us in on your secrets), there’s no denying that a rumbling stomach makes it a lot harder to enjoy the ride. This summer, skip the chips, candy, and fast food in favor of car snacks with real nutritional value. Make some tuna sandwiches, roll up some wraps, or simply toss a couple packets in a cooler with cheese, fruit, and veggies. You may not be able to prevent the “are we there yets,” but at least you’ll keep the dreaded hangries from derailing your trip.

8. Midnight snack

After a day full of summer escapades, you may find yourself awake in the middle of the night, rifling through the fridge for a midnight snack. (Listen, we’ve all been there.) The best way to satisfy the midnight munchies is to just give into them. Just make sure you have something truly satisfying in the pantry. There’s absolutely no shame in digging into a packet of tuna with a fork, but if you fancy a slightly more formal midnight snack, we think a quick open-faced bagel sandwich with our savory Everything Bagel salmon would really hit the spot. 

9. Quick camping dinner

Picture this: You’re on a family camping trip, and due to unforeseen circumstances, you’re a few hours late to the campsite. It’s getting dark and everyone’s hungry, but you’ve still got tents to pitch, gear to unload, and a campfire to get started. Any camper is familiar with this scenario, but the good news—it’s preventable: Just bring along a tuna packet for each camper in case the schedule goes haywire. Everyone gets to pick a flavor they like for a tasty, no-fire-required meal that’s ready in literal seconds. 

10. Backyard BBQ side dishes

Between Memorial Day, graduations, Fourth of July, and Labor Day, there’s no shortage of summer events that call for a backyard barbeque—but you don’t necessarily need an occasion to throw one, either. A beautiful summer’s day is occasion enough, if you ask us. When you find yourself on side dish duty, our Dill Tuna Potato Salad is the definition of a go-to summer recipe: It’s a classic, creamy potato salad with a hint of brightness from the dill, and you can make it in the time it takes to boil potatoes.

11. Day camp lunch boxes

Day camps offer busy families a great option for keeping kids occupied and entertained all summer long. The only drawback? Someone’s still on the hook for lunch boxes. The game is the same as it is during the school year: You want to pack something your kids want to eat that will keep them full until dinner time. In other words, protein! A meal prep-friendly tuna bento box puts the protein front and center and lets you pick and choose their favorite accompaniments, so they won’t bring half their lunch home uneaten. 

12. Al fresco dinner at home

Summer evenings were made for romance. As the heat of the day gradually winds down, cool breezes and soft light take over, creating the perfect conditions for dining al fresco. You don’t even have to go out to make the most of a beautiful summer evening; in the right light, your back deck can be every bit as romantic as a fancy restaurant. Just whip up a batch of our Garlic Lovers’ Lemon Garlic Tuna Fettuccine, pour two glasses of icy cold white wine, and enjoy a casual yet intimate dinner for two as the sun sets. 

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