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Family Dinners Made Easy

With busy schedules to work around, getting dinner on the table can feel impossible. We've got some tips to help make family meals a priority.

If the idea of planning and cooking family meals seems daunting, fear not! These tips will make it a lot easier:

  • Plan your meals in advance and let the kids help. By having them involved in the planning, they’ll feel more vested in the meal.
  • Family meals don’t need to be elaborate. Keep it simple. Salads and pastas are a great option. Consider trying these tasty recipes: Farmer’s Market Salmon SaladOne Pot Mediterranean Tuna Pasta or Linguini with Tuna and Alfredo Sauce.
  • Use canned or frozen foods to make prep time easier. Chicken of the Sea canned tuna, salmon and crabmeat are delicious protein sources for this time of the year. 
  • Make dishes that can be cooked in advance and then warmed up prior to serving. Salmon Mac ‘n Cheese and Garden Zoodles Tuna Casserole are good recipes to make the day before.
  • Whip up a new side to go with the leftovers from the night before and you will have an easy dinner ready to go with minimal prep. 
  • If your family’s schedule doesn’t allow for everyone to sit down for dinner together, try breakfast. A family gathering over oatmeal, scrambled eggs or more involved dishes like Avocado Tuna Cakes or Salmon Patties still makes for quality family time.

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