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8 Back-to-School Lunch Ideas

In all the back-to-school madness, it’s easy for lunch prep to slip through the cracks. These recipes make it easy to pack nutritious, delicious lunches, even if you don’t have much time to spare.

The alarms are set, the backpacks are packed, the extracurricular activity schedules are finalized and posted on every available surface—it must be back-to-school season! In all the madness, it’s easy for lunch prep to slip through the cracks. These recipes make it easy to pack nutritious, delicious lunches, even if you don’t have much time to spare.

Sandwiches and Wraps

It’s hard to beat a sandwich for ease and convenience, but they can get boring in a hurry. These recipes are a great way to shake up the usual lunchbox routine.

Salmon Club Sandwich

Who doesn’t love a club sandwich? This version features crunchy bacon bits and fresh basil mixed right into a creamy salmon spread, so it’s super easy to throw together—even on a busy morning.

Tuna Caesar Wrap

These quick, simple wraps pair classic Caesar salad flavors with protein-packed tuna for a satisfying lunch to go.

Herbed Salmon Pita Pockets

Once you’ve prepped the garlicky, herby salmon patties, these pita pocket sandwiches come together in just a few minutes. Make a double batch and you’ll have lunch sorted all week long!

Salads and Bowls

A grain bowl or salad packs all kinds of deliciousness into one convenient, easy-to-carry container—ideal for lunches on the go.

Spicy Tuna Roll Bowl

Everything you love about a spicy tuna roll from your favorite sushi spot, in a lunchbox-friendly bowl.

Southwest Tuna Bowl

Loaded with avocado, black beans, and plenty of fresh veggies, this bowl is basically a cross between a salmon burrito and a really good taco salad. Don’t skimp on the herby lime vinaigrette—it ties everything together.

Wild Cards

If sandwiches and salads are starting to feel a little ho-hum, it’s time to try something different. Any of these outside-the-box lunch recipes are just the ticket.

Sesame Ginger Soba Noodles with Salmon

Cold noodles really hit the spot in hot weather, making this flavor-packed sesame ginger soba noodle salad perfect for the first few weeks of the school year. Plus, like all great make-ahead lunches, they taste even better the next day.

Herby Crustless Quiche with Crab and Bacon

Quiches and frittatas might not be your first thought for lunchbox fare, but don’t count them out. This crustless quiche with crab and bacon tastes equally good hot, cold, or at room temperature—ideal for packed lunches.

Quick & Easy Zucchini Tuna Patties

These nutritious, satisfying tuna patties are also loaded with zucchini, so you get plenty of protein and veggies in one go. Pack them with some pita bread and sliced fresh veggies for an easy, healthy lunch.

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